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Weather-Driven Predictive AI Alerts

When a client in the airline industry faced network challenges due to adverse weather conditions, Daugherty stepped up to provide advanced alerts using predictive AI tools.

Predictive AI

Weather events have become even more unpredictable, leading the airline industry to take measure to improve how to respond when poor conditions are on the way. Daugherty partnered with a major airline to leverage machine learning and predictive AI tools to better predict the network impact of bad weather events. These advanced alerts allow a sufficient time window to enable corrective action to be taken.

The Problem

After winter storms derailed holiday travel for airline customers, there was a major push throughout the organization to prove to customers the airline would be better prepared for severe weather in future years.


Testing with data from a recent storm, the predictive AI model would have predicted the “extreme deterioration event” almost 12 hours in advance – allowing our airline partner to make adjustments for passengers and flight crews and avoid canceling tens of thousands of flights, impacting holiday plans for millions of passengers and their families.

Within 2 weeks of launching, the new model correctly predicted serious rainstorms 6 hours in advance to allow the team to make proactive recovery adjustments.

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