User Experience

Solve problems before they become problems — put users at the center of the solution.

We’ve engaged and inspired users by:

Analyzing key business needs and profiling stakeholders to develop a prototype to illustrate how a new loyalty rewards program could deliver on mobile, driving loyalty further and linking customers closer to the organization

Creating an engaging iOS app for distributors to view available brands in their area and order supporting promotional materials, all delivered to their inbox…removing the need to carry cumbersome tradeshow materials

Optimizing the room reservation process for hotel guests to a single-page form that easily scaled to mobile

Award-Winning Creative Services

Our Creative Services team turns ideas into action. Whether transforming a Customer Journey Map into a visually stunning atlas, dissecting a complex concept into an easy to understand video or establishing / re-establishing your brand, Daugherty’s Creative Services creates polished executive deliverables from rough ideas.

People Are Your Business

Our senior designers and architects will guide you through the process of identifying your user groups as well as individuals’ profiles to target during the design phase. This will not only help to define your experience strategy but also guide UI direction to prevent user frustration and costly code rewrites.

Seeing is Believing

By bringing together battlefield-tested methodologies from Agile and solid UX practices, we move through concepting phases rapidly, building proofs of concept to test user reaction and iterate toward formal development. Working with you through the entire process, we’ll create naturally intuitive experiences that push your strategy forward.

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