PMO Roadmap Delivers Quick Wins for Game Retailer


This game retailer needed better communication and improved alignment between its Business and IT divisions to meet strategic goals:

  • Increase the capacity and throughput of IT through efficient and effective practices (Do more with less).
  • Enhance support for executive decision making through more accurate project data and analysis.
  • Build a more predictable and consistent approach to delivering high quality, successful projects.


Over the course of ~90 days Daugherty developed an IT PMO Roadmap focused on delivering quick wins to key areas of need:

  • Portfolio Dashboards & Review Process
  • Exception-based Project Reporting & Review
  • Dependency Management
  • PMO/PM Role & Expectation Definition
  • PM Guidelines & Toolkit
  • Work Unit-based Estimation and Resource Planning


  • Improved Communication: Development of an Executive Dashboard will keep key decision makers informed
  • Increased Visibility & Tracking: Update Performance Management Toolkit to allow entire business to track scope, resources, cost, etc. through an dashboard-style report
  • Superior IT Throughput: Create project planning and estimating templates to make projects more efficient and predictable
  • Better Project Consistency: Develop dependency tracking mechanism to build sustainable and repeatable processes for future projects