Improving SDLC Execution with a Strategic Approach


For retailers, staying competitive is an on-going effort. How do you stay current with industry trends without losing performance over time? One way is to perform a periodic assessment of the effectiveness of your IT software development lifecycle execution. We just finished a current-state assessment with one of our large retail clients. Specifically, this retailer needed to gain a deeper understanding of the causes for negative business perception of IT project timelines and costs. They were also looking to identify specific opportunities to improve their SDLC execution.


Upon completion, this comprehensive assessment of the retailer’s SDLC execution featured seven strategic and 40 tactical recommendations for the top executives. These recommendations centered on program management, delivery methodology, engineering tools, quality control, inter-departmental relationships, and culture. To accomplish this, the Daugherty Team:

Business Results:

Upon providing a final SDLC Assessment report, the CIO for the retailer immediately assigned each of the seven recommendations to his executive team for further development and implementation. As a result, the top leadership team of this national retailer was able to identify and introduce strategic changes within its IT organization. After conducting pilot programs to test implement the recommendations, Daugherty has been tasked with creating proof of concepts to further develop the recommendations for an internal rollout.