Daugherty’s RPM Rolls Home Improvement Retailer’s PO Engine into Twenty-First Century


This national retailer needed to completely overhaul how its purchase orders were created, managed, and tracked throughout its organization. With the current system featuring different business rules, technologies and data storage, it was difficult for IT and business users to perform research and analytics, including root cause analysis. This type of purchase order system also had the possible risk of running out of available PO numbers, requiring support measures and causing delays in business operations.


Daugherty stepped in to lead cross-functional requirements and design sessions as well as full development teams to deliver a central purchase order management system built leveraging Java/Oracle. Using Daugherty’s Rapid Process Map® (RPM) approach to gather the business process and system requirements, this new system features expanded order numbers without the need for smart numbering and the systemic ability to resend orders.


This national retailer now has a central PO engine that uses the latest technologies and allows the organization to begin the retirement of legacy COBOL-based systems. In addition, internal transfers under Daugherty’s lead have moved from Purchase after roll-outs to over 100,000 outlets, a several percentage gross margin increase has been realized by only addressing a portion of the merchandisable differences/opportunities including: