From 2 hours to 2 minutes: Daugherty Delivers Staggering Performance Gains


This cellular phone company had grown significantly by acquisition. Subsequently there was no single source for client data. Reports required queries to be run against huge amounts of data from six separate territorial regions. The process was very manual and time consuming. With a goal to improve their entire Customer Relationship Management processes and technologies, the company began to consider building an Operational Data Store (ODS) to support infrastructure needs and that provided near real-time access to customer account data


Daugherty helped the client with an RFP process to make sure the right business intelligence technologies and tools were selected. For implementation, the client was considering building the ODS in-house, but ultimately selected Daugherty to do the work, based on Daugherty’s proven BI methodology, price point and ability to deliver. Daugherty consultants were responsible for software and hardware technology decisions, Infrastructure and Data Architecture and ODS Best Practices. Upon project completion, the client had a single source data warehouse that provides users critical business information in near- real time.

“This performance is absolutely phenomenal!”