Business Intelligence Roadmap Delivers Strategic Value for Hardware Co-op


For our client, the last few years were defined by competitive growth. As the marketplace grew, not only were they competing with the co-operative business model direct competitors, new large home improvement chains started to dominate the industry. With these challenges, gaining insight from the data gathered during day-to-day operations is not only a requirement for success, it is essential to strengthen competitive advantage.

Enterprise reporting and analysis had been predominately a business issue rather than an IT managed architecture. The current data warehouse technology architectures and systems satisfied financial sales reporting but lacked the ability to meet the Business intelligence requests and analytical needs of decision makers across all levels of the enterprise. Although our client owned a world class business intelligence tool they were not seeing the value or the ROI to justify further commitment.


A BI Roadmap was a joint effort undertaken in partnership between the IT, Marketing, Finance and Merchandising departments. The BI Roadmap identified the current and future analytic requirements, and delivered an organized, prioritized, and actionable plan for implementing the information systems that met those requirements. Reinforced with all departments was the idea that information is a common asset owned by all, and by taking particular care in the analysis and creation of the BI Roadmap, the company would be able to maximize the consistency, accuracy, and reusability of data across departments leading to a single version of the truth. Quick-hit, tactical and strategic recommendations were outlined for review and prioritization by the executive steering committee.


In just four weeks, the BI Roadmap delivered high value validation and the assessment of opportunities and challenges ahead. The final deliverable was a strategic and comprehensive set of specific IT initiatives designed to meet our client’s analytic requirements, along with ROI and TCO calculations through the calendar year. The BI Roadmap provided our client with an understanding of the BI priorities from their department’s perspective, the gaps in their current environment, and provided a comprehensive plan to meet business’s expectations that could be initiated immediately. The BI Roadmap provided insight not only into the financial gain of building a more business serving BI platform but also highlighted the risks in undertaking the effort and resource gaps that needed to be filled to make the BI platform a reality.

Project Metrics

In just 4 weeks, a BI Roadmap was delivered that helped: