Agile Coaching for Major Airline

This major airline trailed its competition in building a next generation aircraft operations application. They were stretched in meeting growing demand and were using varying processes and tools to capture demand with no efficient way to generate an aggregate view, especially across portfolios. Focusing on enterprise level transformation to achieve enterprise agility became critical.


  • Daugherty brought in highly skilled and experienced agile coaches and technical architects to guide the client and seed the team, effectively leading them through an iterative approach to deliver working software.
  • Used SAFe adoption that accommodates Fortune 500 environments.
  • 100 percent of Customer-driven and Technology demand is captured through the enterprise intake tool, creating a structured process for accessing, qualifying, and prioritizing requests.


  • Rapid Results – Within five months, Aircraft Operations delivered
    into production the first iteration of their next generation application.
  • Enables a centralized, single source repository of technology requests
  • Captures using a consistent intake process and enterprise tool
  • Provides clearer enhancement tracking and reporting
  • Facilitates prioritization across the enterprise
  • Mitigates redundant work
  • Enables improved planning and allocation of resources