94 Percent Reduction in Report and Analysis Cycle Time with Daugherty’s Data Warehouse Solution


This financial institution’s Home Loan and Capital Markets groups were experiencing tremendous growth. As a result of their increased visibility in the marketplace they needed the ability to scale to accommodate rapid growth and needed to meet new demands regarding time to market. These issues required improvements in control, capacity and timeliness. The client had no central, integrated source of timely and reliable origination and servicing of data which resulted in:

  • Compromised decision making.
  • Exposure to non-hedged interest rate movement in the pipeline.
  • Manual data manipulation to support daily business processes.


To address these needed improvements, the client and Daugherty implemented a Capital Markets data warehouse to be the single data source for all of Capital Market’s reporting and analytic needs. Daugherty conceived a multi-phase effort which delivered incremental business value through out the life of the project.


  • Rapidly created a maintainable Data Warehouse architecture and infrastructure that enabled short term and long term delivery of business value.
  • Provided a single central source for data relevant to the Capital Markets group with drill down into loan level attributes through a managed query interface.
  • Provided additional reporting to be defined and prioritized by the business. Examples of reports include detailed gain on sale, price exceptions, pipeline aging by channel and LFC, and underwriting exception reporting.
  • Provided ability to analyze and respond more timely and efficiently to Ad Hoc requests across Capital Markets.
  • Integrated additional data sets that were previously disregarded due to the extensive manual process to access and report on the data.
  • Added month-end snapshots for trending, and historical data.
  • Implemented a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment which will ensure business continuity.
  • Improved process for providing Investor Data Delivery data.
  • Improved analytics will results in better, faster decision-making.

Project Metrics

  • Report & analysis cycle times reduced as much as 94%
  • Standardized data subject areas through data repository
  • Reduction of 50% in data repository change effort
  • Reduction of 50% in report creation times Savings of ~100 days effort per year
  • Established production and development control processes & procedures