Software Engineering

The spirit of a builder hasn’t changed with each generation, but the toolset has. Today’s builders of the future use a different set of evolving tools, and Daugherty Software Engineers solve real business problems with emerging technology.

Faster Implementation. Lower Costs. Better Results.

Combining our proprietary RPM® methodology with Agile practices, we do web, mobile and cloud development faster and with better results. Our practices are designed to be flexible for any organizational needs, utilizing:

Intelligent automation to save 40-75% of costs

Custom applications to save employees as much as two hours at work a day

Cloud-based learning to reduce training costs by 50-70%

Insightful dashboards to double a company’s valuation before an acquisition

Enterprise Dev Center

With the development center approach, you can strategically reduce your cost of application maintenance, management, development, implementation, training and support. We are accountable and responsive and offer a secure environment. Some benefits of the Daugherty Dev Center include:

Our local U.S. based model – You can visit us!

Optimizations for speed, quality and cost efficiency

Immersive training and colocation opportunities

Access to over 500 Architects and Senior Software Engineers

Existing high-velocity teams, access to Subject Matter Experts and Advisory Support

Economies of scale and economies of skill

Pre-packaged but flexible accelerators

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