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Contact Center Transformation for Major Health Insurance Company – Over the next 5 years Daugherty will improve customer experience and replace 30+ existing legacy telephony, contact center, and other integrated platforms with practical AI – leveraging Five9’s Contact Center as a Service solution (CCaaS).

The client’s growth through acquisitions in the insurance industry has led to roughly 18 business units, many of which have their own customer care systems, processes, contact centers and architecture. This has led to challenges in creating a seamless customer experience with shared data, and a very difficult contact center operation to run, manage, and support.

Daugherty built a strategic business case and roadmap for a consolidated technology platform for a core contact center. The 5 year/$165M CAPEX investment is being launched by the C Suite at the major insurance company. Daugherty was asked to lead the subsequent phases of the project, including capability modeling, RFP & technology shootout, down selection, and contracting.

Daugherty led the program kickoff activities and facilitated workshops for 110+ people including the insurance company’s teammates, Daugherty teammates, and additional technology partners.

The company’s CIO and other executives were keynote speakers for the event. It was called, “the largest cross-enterprise technology program undertaken to date” by company leadership.

A mixed team of 300+ individuals will be engaged across 16 business units through the course of the project.

The Daugherty EPMO team identified 40+ important detailed workstreams and is also adding a Five9 certification program as a new capability for Daugherty teammates.

Daugherty is now directing and orchestrating the insurance leader’s business units, technology units, third party vendors and core CCaaS software partner, Five9.

Customer Care Transformation is important for four main reasons:

  • Remote and Self-Service is not only expected but required due to the global health crisis.
  • Cost effective scalability is impossible with legacy customer care models.
  • 70% of customers prefer self-service vs calling customer support.
  • Companies are now expected to have 24/7 service models.

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