Zachary Lanz Technical Support Analyst - Tech Services

I grew up in:
Three Lakes, WI
I live in:
The beautiful Twin Cities of MN, which is the best place to live!
Favorite Quote:
“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough”  — Mario Andretti
I chose to work at Daugherty because:
I already knew really great people who I trusted that worked here, and they were very quick to tell me that this was one of the best places to be.  I also enjoyed the atmosphere and people I talked to during the interview process.
The best professional advice you’ve ever received:
An old manager of mine, who was helping sweep a floor, told me that no matter how high you rise in your career there is no job nor employee that is beneath you, so treat everyone with respect.
Your first job:
First job was mowing the lawn and repairing the lawn mower at home.  First job not given to me by my parents was a busboy/dishwasher.
My skills include:
Hardware/Software troubleshooting, server buildouts and installations, project management, training, soft skills, physical wiring, audio/visual production and editing, and Telecomm installation and maintenance.
Industries you’ve worked in:
Insurance, Advertising, Ad Tech, Consulting, Telecommunications, Educational and Credit Cards.
Proudest Moment:
After 2 years of hard work, the day I got on a scale and was below 200lbs from a starting point over 330lbs.
People would be surprised to hear that I:
Enjoy tattoos and am well on my way to having full arm sleeves.
In my spare time, I like to:
Do a lot of bike riding, closing in on 5000 miles in 3 years, and running.  Otherwise I host/produce multiple weekly podcasts, cheer for the Packers, baking, and play video games.
I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology Management from UW-Stout in Menomonie, WI.
Hobbies and Volunteering interests:
I fundraise and ride bikes/run for MS research, Diabetes research, Breast Cancer research, Food Pantries, and do a 24 hour video game marathon for Children’s Miracle Network. I also do any volunteer events at Familywise that Daugherty is a part of.  Hobbies are: being an encyclopedia of movies, cheering on the Minnesota Rollergirls, MN Twins games, any form of Motorsports, Professional Wrestling, Dungeons and Dragons, Video games, Podcasting, Baking, and Boxing.