Nate Ashford

Principal -

Software Architecture and Engineering
I grew up in:
Austin, Texas
I live in:
Minnetonka, Minnesota
Favorite Quote:
“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.” –Thomas Paine. It’s a powerful reminder not to take the easy way out.
I chose to work at Daugherty because:
I was bored as a corporate employee.
The best professional advice you’ve ever received:
Don’t worry about money and titles and just do everything you can to help the company grow.
Your first job:
Boy Scout Camp Staff
My skills include:
Programming in more languages than I care to remember, drawing boxes and lines on whiteboards and occasionally even in Visio, and fetching lunch for teammates.
Industries you’ve worked in:
Technology, Finance, Retail, and Travel
Certifications, Professional Organizations/ Memberships:
Certified ScrumMaster, Titanium Certified Expert and Titanium Certified Developer
Proudest Moment:
Watching my kids receive Black Belts in Taekwondo.
People would be surprised to hear that I:
Have 9 hours of flying time in a World War I era airplane.
In my spare time, I like to:
Cook BBQ, study Taekwondo, run, play video games, play with technology, and dream up ideas for startup companies.
BA in Communications Studies Graduate studies in Computer Science
Texas-style BBQ, Taekwondo, Running and Church