Dave Oleksa Principal - Recruiting

Detroit, MI; Rochester, NY; St. Louis, MO. Worked: Houston, TX; Hartford, CT; Chicago, IL; Buffalo, NY; Michigan City, IN; Fargo, ND; Minneapolis, MN; Phoenix, AZ; Erlanger, KY (oh boy).
First paying job:
Cleaning a preschool nursery at a local church. And then a dishwasher/busboy at a Chinese restaurant.
Causes I care about:
Boy Scouts of America—I was a Den Leader, then Cub Master and now the Committee Chairman for Pack 848 of the Cub Scouts; and the March of Dimes/Polio Support Network—both of my parents are polio survivors and these organizations are instrumental to the success of people with disabilities having opportunities for independent living.
I chose to work at Daugherty because:
I love consulting. Every project and client presents new challenges and new learning opportunities. Nothing is ever the same. And leveraging what you learn with other clients is very rewarding. I was a road warrior with a Big 6… um 5, oh wait, now 4 firm, and it was time to get off the road. Daugherty allowed me to remain in consulting and stay closer to home.
My hobbies and passions include:
My kids, baseball/softball (although I’m retired), golf, bowling, travel, Detroit Red Wings hockey, Michigan State basketball, poker. Not necessarily in that order.
I’m inspired by:
1.) My parents—they achieved a successful, independent life despite their handicaps. 2.) Laughter 3.) Sports—play with passion without the thought of money.
One of my proudest moments:
Graduating from college and moving to St. Louis on my own. And my diminutive son getting the “Coaches’ Ball Award” on his football team. It was a “Rudy” moment.
Little known facts about me:
Things on my bucket list… 1.) Watch Michigan State at a Final Four basketball tournament (check) 2.) Attend a Red Wings game in Detroit (check) 3.) Hit a home run over the fence in softball (check… only once!) 4.) Bowl a 300 (check) 5.) Get a hole-in-one (still trying!) 6.) Attend a game at all of the major league baseball parks with my son (in-progress) 7.) Play golf at Pebble Beach and the Old Course at St. Andrews 8.) Drop each of my kids off at college. 9.) live, love, laugh (check)