Dave Hoyt Corporate Vice President

Over the past five years, Dave has played a central role in Daugherty’s mobile computing practice. Dave provides leadership to the overall services delivery organization at Daugherty. He is ultimately responsible for positioning the right services, ensuring quality of the delivery of those services, and identifying and adding new capabilities to the organization. After working with McDonnell-Douglas and Anheuser-Busch, Dave worked for Accenture for 13 years. As an associate partner, Dave worked with retail, consumer products and federal government clients. Prior to moving into his current Daugherty role, Dave managed the St. Louis operation—Daugherty’s largest business unit—for five years. Dave also managed Daugherty’s software product company in some of the early transition phases. Dave’s background includes a significant amount of technology solution delivery with strategy and executive management consulting. His career began with technology development and delivery experience at companies such as McDonnell-Douglas, Anheuser-Busch, Bunge, Caterpillar, Ralston Purina, Sears and The Limited. During his career he has helped companies with risk assessment and the successful, effective completion of very large, high-risk initiatives. Also, Dave has provided the primary leadership behind business/IT strategy initiatives for several FORTUNE 500 organizations. Dave received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Computer Science from St. Louis University and teaches The Business – IT Partnership class at Washington University’s CAIT.