Dave Hoyt Chief Strategy Officer
& Corp. Vice President,
Solution Delivery

Dave is Daugherty’s Chief Strategy Officer & Corporate Vice President, leading Enterprise Business Advisory and Technology Strategy teams across 2,000+ employees and regional markets throughout the US and the globe. Dave collaborates with CIOs and other business leaders at major corporations by leveraging leading technology to improve business results and achieve better and more predictable customer outcomes.

During Dave’s 20+ years in key leadership roles at Daugherty, he has directly led engagements with companies such as Best Buy, Target, McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Monsanto/Bayer, RGA, Mastercard, Southwest Airlines, Frito-Lay, Cox Communications, The Home Depot, GPC, Coca-Cola, and numerous other Fortune 500 and industry-leading clients. Dave has driven innovation and growth through improved Go-to-Market strategies, Customer Segmentation, Business Product Planning, Technology Rationalization/Strategy, Technology Development Effectiveness and Business/Data Monetization Strategies.

Dave has developed and taught the Business-IT Partnership class at Washington University’s Technology & Leadership Center and prior to joining Daugherty, he was an Associate Partner at Accenture for 13 years.

Dave’s ability to explore and navigate new horizons, and carefully fine-tune and execute planning is mirrored through his personal interests. Dave is a certified general-aviation pilot, and enjoys sailing, hiking, and scuba diving with his wife, Jen, and three adult children.