Bobby Chartrand Business Development Manager - Mobile

I grew up in:
The Lou
I live in:
The Lou
Favorite Quote:
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -Henry Ford
I chose to work at Daugherty because:
We work in many different industries and get to help solve problems – very recession proof formula. I stay because I respect my coworkers and our family-oriented environment.
The best professional advice you’ve ever received:
“Don’t worry, once that first baby comes, it’s like a light switch turns on – you just know what to do.” – Matt Kimball
Your first job:
Umpiring. Started when I was 10 and umpired for 13 years. Eventually managed two facilities.
My skills include:
3-Time Daugherty Chili Cook-Off Champion, Daugherty Volleyball League Champion, and I’m pretty good at making YouTube videos of the kiddos.
Industries you’ve worked in:
Grocery, Restaurant, Retail and IT
Certifications, Professional Organizations/ Memberships:
You would not believe the amount of ‘Certificate of Completions’ I have received earned over the years.
Proudest Moment:
“Never stop starting.”
People would be surprised to hear that I:
Take dressing up for Halloween way too seriously.
In my spare time, I like to:
Watch baseball & cricket, make YouTube vids, play wrestlers with the boys, and go on ‘bear hunts’ with the kids.
Hobbies and Volunteering interests
Playing softball, riding in a golf cart and occasionally hit a good shot, disc golf, biking (the word cycling is too intense for me), bowling, float trips, and fishing.