Alex Harms Manager Planning & Management

I grew up in…
Sauk Prairie, WI (Sauk City and Prairie du Sac are together known as Sauk Prairie; closer than the Twin Cities to being a single town) on the Wisconsin River
I live in…
Elko New Market, MN (That’s south of Prior Lake for those who never venture south of 494)
Favorite Quote?
“If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.” –Henry Ford
I chose to work at Daugherty because…
I needed a challenge and to integrate into a different community (Non Dept of Defense), and Kevin Baier sold me on the consulting methodology that Daugherty uses and the business areas we support.
What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?
As a waiter at “Green Acres” restaurant in Sauk City, WI by the owner – Your customers will tell you if you are successful in meeting their needs, sometimes with words.
What was your first job?
My mom worked as an admin at Mueller’s Sports Medicine in Prairie du Sac, WI and in the summer my sister and I would package mouthguards by hand by the case.
My skills include…
Coordinating other people’s work towards a single outcome, home improvement (electrical, plumbing, finishing, drywall), and herding my kids.
Industries you’ve worked in…
Food Service and Federal Government
Certifications, Professional Organizations/ Memberships
Proudest Moment
Graduation from Air Force Basic Training; I had accomplished something great while watching some others go home early.
People would be surprised to hear that I…
Watched a Nike missile fly across the New Mexican desert on a 10 mile rail, saw the effects of a Sparrow going through a 2” piece of steel, and rode a Navy Destroyer for a week all as an enlisted Air Force Airman.
In my spare time, I like to…
Go fishing, collect data (others call it running), work on my house and cars, cheer on the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers, and take my kids to science museums.
BS in Engineering Management, MS in Management Information Systems
Hobbies & Volunteering Interests
Hockey (roller and ice), driveway basketball, cub scouts, and personal finance coaching