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Daugherty is one of a select group of employers working on a Talent Taskforce initiative with a St. Louis organization called Civic Progress. The members of this group are the CEOs of the top 34 corporations in this region that have a national presence. A core part of this effort is to fundamentally change the face of the workforce in the St. Louis region by growing its presence as a Technology Hub. Some of the ways they see that becoming a reality are by specifically expanding the pipeline for women and youth of color into technology related careers. We were part of building an actionable plan to fuel job growth in the region, which has given us deep insights into these corporations, more exposure to their processes and deep insights into the ecosystem of technology at large.

But this isn’t our only effort in securing talent from more diverse backgrounds. In Minneapolis, we are strongly involved with Technovation, a nonprofit that brings technology and entrepreneurial programs to girls to spark interest, build technical knowledge and develop confidence. In St. Louis, we’re involved with LaunchCode – specifically CoderGirl, LaunchCode’s education program designed to educate women in the technology community in St. Louis.

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