Young Women Participate In Mobile App Bootcamp At Daugherty Atlanta

The foundation of modern innovation is technology, and the new developments happening everyday have male AND female users. So, if women are enjoying these technical innovations, why are they so underrepresented in the industry? Daugherty Business Solutions and Women In Technology (WIT) want to change that. On Saturday, March 4, 2017, Team Daugherty and WIT hosted an event designed to educate young women in the Atlanta area about the software development lifecycle and mobile app development.

25+ young women attended the bootcamp-style event featuring a panel of six female leaders in the technology industry:

The panel discussed their careers, gave advice for starting out in the industry and shared their vision for future opportunities available to young women in the growing field of technology. The panel discussion was immediately followed by an open forum allowing the young women in attendance to ask questions of their own.

During the second session of the day, the group of young women gained hands-on experience with the development process. The exercise began with each attendee choosing a role at random. These included titles such as User Experience Designer, Project Manager and Business Analyst. The groups were then tasked with producing a mobile app that could be used by the athletic departments at their schools. After production, both teams presented their prototypes and shared their experience with the group as well as parents in attendance.

“I think a lot of the girls came into this experience worried that they wouldn’t enjoy a career in technology because they were only considering the duties of a software engineer. These girls are leaving today with an understanding that this is a very creative industry and that, if they enjoy problem solving, this is the arena for them to exercise those skills,” said Monika Mueller, Daugherty Business Solution Managing Director and WIT Board Member.

Check out this short video recap from Saturday’s event.