Daugherty’s Public Sector Division Selected as Qualified Provider for IT Consulting Services for State of Missouri

Daugherty Business Solutions has been selected as one of ten qualified providers for Information Technology Consulting Services for the State of Missouri. Being on the Qualified Provider List (QPL) makes Daugherty part of a small group of companies the state will turn to for IT Professional support. Historically this contract generates over 100 projects (RFPs) a year worth about $40M in revenue.

Also chosen were Jefferson City based RKV Technologies and Information Resource Group; St. Louis based Rose International and Ferguson Consulting; and global companies Unysis, CGI Technologies, Keane, Inc., COOLSOFT and HCL America.

Daugherty is formally teamed, as part of this QPL status, with a set of carefully selected local companies: IBM’s Jefferson City office; St. Louis based World Wide Technologies, SSE, Summit Marketing, RVC, and PMSG; Jefferson City based PSRI, and Huber Associates; and Kansas City based ECCO. As the prime provider, Daugherty will be asked to respond to a wide range of IT issues. This team of specialty providers assures the state that Daugherty will be able to cover all Missouri Government IT needs.

“I am very proud of the team that has worked on earning us QPL status,” says Ron Daugherty, President and CEO of Daugherty Business Solutions. “Our St. Louis branch and Public Sector branch worked closely to frame strategy, implement projects and respond to proposals. The State of Missouri recognized our exceptional abilities and we are eager to work with organizations throughout state and local government.”

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