Daugherty’s First Hackathon Provides $10,000 to Winning Team

Daugherty Business Solutions held its first internal Hackathon at its St. Louis location. Eight teams worked over the course of 45 hours to craft a solution around privacy compliance, in light of more regulations that have passed recently to protect unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Teams, which comprised Project Managers, Software Engineers and Business Analysts from the St. Louis and Minneapolis branches, were asked to design and implement an application that adhered to privacy regulations. They stayed up all night, drank lots of coffee and ate cookies, then presented their findings on very little sleep.

The winning team crafted a solution that minimized compliance risk across multiple countries and protected the brand of a fictional client. Three of the five participants were women, highlighting Daugherty’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in technology.

Congratulations to Cassandra Bates, Kieran Brown, Lauren Hilton, Austin Miller and Tracie Russell for finding the best solution, walking away with $10,000, and earning the title of champion for the first Team Daugherty Hackathon!

“Each team member had a unique contribution and each of us were integral for success,” Hilton said. “It was fun to get to work with people I hadn’t had the chance to work with before.”

Russell agreed.

“It was a great opportunity to work with and learn from some of my Daugherty teammates that aren’t on my regular team, and especially neat to be able to meet some of the Minneapolis crew,” she said. “We had lots of ideas, a little sleep, and a ton of fun! The competition was top notch and I’m so glad to be involved with a company that nurtures this kind of talent!”