Daugherty Business Solutions Announces ICAgile Partnership

Daugherty Business Solutions, a premier provider of business and technology solutions, has partnered with the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). ICAgile is the largest accreditation and certification body in the Agile industry. Through this partnership, Daugherty’s consultants and clients will have access to certification courses for various Agile disciplines, leading to Agile mastery.

The Agile Fundamentals course is the first of many courses to be offered by Daugherty. After successfully completing the fundamentals course, attendees receive the industry-recognized ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) credential. Daugherty employees are also eligible to become a Daugherty Agile Certified Professional (DACP). Additional Daugherty ICAgile Certified courses planned include Agile Coaching, Business Value Analysis, Product Ownership, Delivery Management, Agile Software Engineering, Business Agility and DevOps.

“At Daugherty, one of our core values is helping our employees grow their careers,” said Ron Daugherty, President and CEO of Daugherty Business Solutions. “Our partnership with ICAgile is another example of our commitment to employee development, and it further solidifies Daugherty as a leader in delivering innovative solutions using Agile capabilities.”

Daugherty’s Agile training sessions follow the ICAgile Roadmap. Each course meets key learning objectives, which were created by industry leaders worldwide, leading to a mastery of Agile principles. Participants are encouraged to track their Agile learning journey and identify next steps.

Daugherty has extensive experience helping companies scale, adopt and optimize Agile. In recent years, Daugherty has helped a number of clients deploy Agile development processes on targeted teams or across their enterprise. Offering ICAgile accredited courses strengthens Daugherty’s Agile capabilities and provides our teams with additional tools to help clients understand if they are prepared to begin their Agile transformation, and to provide the coaching needed to guide their transformation journey.


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