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Modernization Strategy and Data Platform Optimization

Daugherty Delivers on Supply Transformation Initiative for Major Brewery


Breweries and vertical manufacturing sites throughout North America (US and Canada) have been working on aging systems, databases and technologies that are incurring increasing costs to support and maintain. Incremental duplication of data and the addition of isolated capabilities over the last 30+ years have created more and more complexities. To meet the changing business needs of our major brewery client, and to fund innovation and data science projects more readily, the company must address the technology challenges in their current environments.

The technology challenges directly contribute to:
  • Increasing production downtime impacting overall production financials
  • Year over year rising support costs – increasing call volumes related to the old applications, databases, duplication of data and integration problems, difficulty finding legacy technology expertise to work in the current environment and increasing call resolution times due to a lack of quality tools and testing processes for the legacy systems.
  • Unreliability of business-critical reporting and analytics due to a complex and distributed/duplicative data environment.

Our initial engagement leveraged Daugherty’s proprietary 15-point modernization framework to guide the modernization strategy. The overall objectives of the assessment/roadmap was a 5-year modernization engagement to:

  • Rationalize and simplify the existing portfolio of approximately 383 applications to a more sustainable & supportable portfolio leading to lower support costs.
  • Provide improved data quality & consistency.
  • Provide a flexible and resilient environment to meet both current and future needs.
  • Provide consistent & accurate data that can be relied on to run the business.
  • Provide a multiyear roadmap for the creation of a modern data platform that could be leveraged for advanced analytics and data science across the enterprise.
Year 1 Results:

With Daugherty’s teamwork, organization, expertise, and leadership, we were able to get all seven packaging lines in the brewery converted and successfully operating on the new systems/architecture by the end of year one. Prior to our involvement, the client and another vendor had been trying to go live with only a single line at the location for the last two and a half years and never was able get it converted.

  1. All PLC data is streaming to one global data platform while allowing for appropriate on-premise availability.
  2. Two existing applications were modernized by redeveloping them with the new modern architecture and 13 legacy applications were fully retired.
  3. We accelerated the implementation of a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) product (TrakSys from Parsec) at the location where the client wanted improvements made.
  4. We lowered overall support costs for our major brewery client by over $1MM in year one.

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