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Mergers and Acquisitions
Daugherty can ensure economies of scale, sharpened focus or diversification between organizations in a merger or acquisition.

During a merger or acquisition, many decisions have to be made surrounding processes and systems. Organizations have to weigh pros and cons of present-day business value streams and determine what is needed to support combined business and anticipated growth.

We can provide objective experiential leadership and perspective, from pre-Day-1 strategy to post-merger requirements and beyond. Our expertise includes:

Organizational and technical consulting

We’ve uncovered hundreds of risks before systems went live, including for one of the largest cable television providers in the U.S. Our proactive testing and planning ensures we mitigate them ahead of time.

Consolidating systems

In a brokerage conversion of two of the largest banks in the U.S., we coordinated more than 100 downstream applications across 1.9 million accounts, resulting in a conversion of $330 billion into a $1.3 trillion portfolio. We stand up 24/7 management offices, collaborating with leadership, and execute and command merger activity.

Strategy, planning and communication

In one instance, for a Fortune 100 telecommunications company, we evaluated strategies to create profiles for processes and technical components. We also incorporated touchpoints across three intranets so that information was disseminated seamlessly.

Application rationalization

Once processes and systems have been consolidated, we guide organizations to align for uniformity and consistency. In one example, with a Fortune 50 healthcare company, we captured more than $60 million a year in savings by retiring 120 obsolete applications. Our merger and acquisition infographic solution provided detailed analysis to ensure no clients experienced a downgrade in service.

Beyond post-merger

With Daugherty, the value lasts long after the merger. We lead reorganization between IT and business with enterprise-wide Agile transformation, utilizing quantitative estimation techniques and tools that accurately define time and budget estimates.

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