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Master Data Management

Daugherty can move you beyond siloed solutions, helping you maintain data in one location around one source of truth and enabling you to achieve success across lines of business, channels, sub-domains, functions and applications.

Our think-strategic-act-tactical approach ensures master data is not just focused around technology, but rather around business needs.

One way Daugherty has applied this to business is around consolidating data, automating manual processes and building out visualizations through Tableau. We did this for one of the largest craft breweries in the United States, providing the brewery new insights into their business and competitors, allowing them to sieze on opportunities like demand for variety and expansion to a national market.

We also mastered chart fields for hundreds of business units and portfolios for one of the largest global life and health insurance companies, as well as chart fields for thousands of client companies and departments, and hundreds of thousands of insurance blocks. By implementing master data management software and providing a common view of the enterprise, we gave the organization a competitive advantage with their customers. The transformation provided business insights and risk assessments.

We can meet you anywhere along the spectrum of internal governing activities — from needs like data quality management to data stewardship to data governance program management — and we can quickly implement deep data management solutions across specific domains, which allows us to scale across other domains with greater agility.

Key Benefits for Master Data Management

Increase Speed to Market

By creating a “Golden Record” of each member at a leading healthcare enterprise, we contributed to future operational efficiencies. Our data management and integration solution assigned a master person indicator to each unique member, establishing a single source of truth per member and ensuring the data was more secure than the organization’s current platform.

Maximize assortment

Companies can enrich their data when they focus on factors like breadth, length, depth and consistency. Greater assortment translates to greater revenue, and these factors drive companies beyond a linear relationship between products and people.

Comply with government regulations

Master data management ensures compliance requirements like SOX are filled.

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