Privacy by Design - Critical to Your Organization

Privacy by Design: Why It’s Critical to Your Organization

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for European individuals will go in effect May 25, 2018. Regardless of where your client base is, anonymous data are critical to your organization. Knowing what anonymous data are is part of the battle. Privacy by Design is the other half.

Information Management

Why Team Daugherty?

Why pursue a career at Team Daugherty? Because we have a serious commitment to mentoring, a culture that encourages the free exchange of ideas, and opportunities to provide clients with working software solutions. Here's the story of one developer.


Making Your Business Intelligence Team Agile

Think for a minute about what is Agile. Is it ceremonies? A product backlog? Cadence? Making your business intelligence team Agile is to generate value for the business in a consistent, timely manner. The rest are just rules.

Agile Methodology

Driving Customer Loyalty Strategy Through Data Analytics

Not all customers are profitable; similarly, not all rewards lead to loyalty. When measuring the success of loyalty programs, look at which ones lead to the best level of engagement. You can evaluate your customer loyalty strategy through data analytics.

Management Consulting

Team Daugherty Competes In RGA Blockchain Hackathon

Team Daugherty competed in the RGA Blockchain Hackathon. But it wasn't like your typical hackathon. The challenge was designed to help RGA fully utilize blockchain technology.

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The Urgent and Important Work of DevOps

It's time for development managers and directors to recognize the urgent and important work of DevOps: changes that need to occur to get development, operations, quality assurance, change management and security all working.

Software Architecture and Engineering

When Customers Attack! Engaged To Enraged In The Blink Of An Eye

Updates to loyalty programs can turn fiercely loyal customers from engaged to enraged. Here are a few pieces of advice you should consider if you’re planning changes to an existing loyalty program or strategy you have in market today.

Digital Engagement

Technically Speaking Episode 10 with Alex Cruz

In the tenth episode of the Technically Speaking podcast, Caryn and John sit down with the founder of PenPath and co-founder of STL Content Marketers, Alex Cruz. They talk about content marketing, startups in STL, emails with famous people, and more.


Technically Speaking Episode 9 – Featuring Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo

In the ninth episode of the Technically Speaking podcast, Caryn and John sit down with Associate Professor at SIUE Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo. They talk about higher education, mass communications and technology.


Staying Relevant in IT: How We Foster a Collaborative Learning Environment at Daugherty

Staying relevant in IT is tough. Technology is moving so fast, and it takes a community of caring individuals to help inspire, motivate and teach to stay on top of our game. Here's how we foster a collaborative learning environment at Daugherty.


GlobalHack V Winners Share Their Experience, Lessons Learned

Three Daugherty St. Louis employees won $30,000 at the GlobalHack V hackathon in St. Louis. Find out more about the experience from the Software Architecture and Engineering teammates.

Industry Events

Technically Speaking Podcast Features Larry Hill of Daugherty STL

The first episode of Technically Speaking features Larry Hill from Daugherty St. Louis. He's a telecom industry veteran, currently serving as a senior engagement manager for one of Daugherty's top clients.