The Value Gleaned from First Daugherty Hackathon

The Value I Gleaned from the First Daugherty Hackathon

Daugherty had an internal hackathon in St. Louis and offered a $10,000 prize for the team that produced the best solution. Here are three lessons John Mollberg and his team learned from the experience.

How to Drive Your Career and Deliver Greater Value by Being a Team Player

How to Drive Your Career and Deliver Greater Value by Being a Team Player

Highly-competitive environments are not healthy and can hurt productivity. If you truly want to drive your career and deliver greater value to clients, a collaborative environment is the kind you want. To do so, look for these four traits in a consulting firm.

More than Just Design - How You Can Significantly Boost Performance with Code Optimizations

More than Just Design: How You Can Significantly Boost Performance with Code Optimizations

Did you know that any wait time greater than one second will break a user's concentration and frustrate them? How can we create applications to meet user expectations? Good design decisions are the primary way to avoid performance problems, but judicious use of code optimizations can remove bottlenecks within an application to provide a seamless experience.

How to Succeed in Big Data without an Admin Team

How to Succeed with Big Data without an Admin Team

Big Data doesn’t have to mean using Hadoop to build on-premise computer clusters anymore. By embracing the cloud, your organization can save money with less servers running and potentially without an admin team. In fact, there are nine Big Data components the cloud can handle just as well as Hadoop.

Are You Wasting Time and Money on Bad Planning?

Planning, especially on a large scale, can prove difficult. But large-scale estimations can deliver accurate results in a timely manner and within budget. It could be a matter of modeling working sessions, process modeling, block scheduling, then implementing five steps for the right results.

Privacy by Design - Critical to Your Organization

Privacy by Design: Why It’s Critical to Your Organization

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for European individuals will go in effect May 25, 2018. Regardless of where your client base is, anonymous data are critical to your organization. Knowing what anonymous data are is part of the battle. Privacy by Design is the other half.

Why Team Daugherty?

Why pursue a career at Team Daugherty? Because we have a serious commitment to mentoring, a culture that encourages the free exchange of ideas, and opportunities to provide clients with working software solutions. Here's the story of one developer.

Making Your Business Intelligence Team Agile

Think for a minute about what is Agile. Is it ceremonies? A product backlog? Cadence? Making your business intelligence team Agile is to generate value for the business in a consistent, timely manner. The rest are just rules.

Driving Customer Loyalty Strategy Through Data Analytics

Not all customers are profitable; similarly, not all rewards lead to loyalty. When measuring the success of loyalty programs, look at which ones lead to the best level of engagement. You can evaluate your customer loyalty strategy through data analytics.

The Urgent and Important Work of DevOps

It's time for development managers and directors to recognize the urgent and important work of DevOps: changes that need to occur to get development, operations, quality assurance, change management and security all working.

When Customers Attack! Engaged To Engraged In The Blink Of An Eye

Updates to loyalty programs can turn fiercely loyal customers from engaged to enraged. Here are a few pieces of advice you should consider if you’re planning changes to an existing loyalty program or strategy you have in market today.

Technically Speaking Episode 10 with Alex Cruz

In the tenth episode of the Technically Speaking podcast, Caryn and John sit down with the founder of PenPath and co-founder of STL Content Marketers, Alex Cruz. They talk about content marketing, startups in STL, emails with famous people, and more.