Daugherty Enhances Chatbot with AWS to Improve Knowledge Sharing of Bayer’s Data Assets

Every time an organization expands, it experiences compartmentalization — departments become efficient using their own processes and platforms, whereas other internal teams are not as familiar with individual departmental knowledge.

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Want to Rapidly and Accurately Estimate a Tailored Cloud Solution? Here’s How.

Between 2006 and 2013, cloud adoption was primarily driven by a desire to extract costs from datacenter operations. Today, enterprises are leveraging cloud platform capabilities to move faster and increase business innovation.

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Getting Your Head in the Cloud

In the old world, custom development was the name of the game. You'd have a combination of homegrown applications and applications purchased from a vendor, with integrations in between.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Daugherty can ensure economies of scale, sharpened focus or diversification between organizations in a merger or acquisition. During a merger or acquisition, many decisions have to be made surrounding processes and systems. Organizations have to weigh pros and cons of present-day business value streams and determine what is needed to support combined business and anticipated

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Master Data Management

Daugherty can move you beyond siloed solutions, helping you maintain data in one location around one source of truth and enabling you to achieve success across lines of business, channels, sub-domains, functions and applications. Our think-strategic-act-tactical approach ensures master data is not just focused around technology, but rather around business needs. One way Daugherty has

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At Daugherty, we offer cutting-edge capabilities and work continuosuly with the newest technologies to meet the needs of our clients. Apache Kafka is an open-source, stream-processing software platform used to build real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. In data warehousing, batch ETLs tend to get tangled and experience lags in data delivery. Apache Kafka provides

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Assess, Improve, Change

Effective business process design & management is a key differentiator for organizations seeking to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiencies.

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The Value Gleaned from First Daugherty Hackathon

The Value I Gleaned from the First Daugherty Hackathon

Daugherty had an internal hackathon in St. Louis and offered a $10,000 prize for the team that produced the best solution. Here are three lessons John Mollberg and his team learned from the experience.

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How to Drive Your Career and Deliver Greater Value by Being a Team Player

How to Drive Your Career and Deliver Greater Value by Being a Team Player

Highly-competitive environments are not healthy and can hurt productivity. If you truly want to drive your career and deliver greater value to clients, a collaborative environment is the kind you want. To do so, look for these four traits in a consulting firm.

More than Just Design - How You Can Significantly Boost Performance with Code Optimizations

More than Just Design: Significantly Boost Performance with Code Optimizations

When making a user wait for more than a second can break concentration and cause frustration… how do we meet expectations? Good design decisions are only part of the solution.

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How to Succeed in Big Data without an Admin Team

How to Succeed with Big Data without an Admin Team

Big Data doesn’t have to mean using Hadoop to build on-premise computer clusters anymore. By embracing the cloud, your organization can save money using fewer resources.

Big Data

Are You Wasting Time and Money on Bad Planning?

Planning, especially on a large scale, can prove difficult. But large-scale estimations can deliver accurate results in a timely manner and within budget. It could be a matter of modeling working sessions, process modeling, block scheduling, then implementing five steps for the right results.

Agile Methodology