Innovation to Results

No matter where your organization is in the innovation pipeline, we can help. Our expertise around business opportunities and challenges will help you connect the dots to drive competitive advantage in your industry.

Innovation Lifecycle Management

Your employees know your business, so it makes sense that they will help your organization uncover innovative ideas. How do you manage that? Who gets rewarded? We can help.

We prioritize those ideas, leveraging our deep experience to manage the risks and complexities in Innovation Lifecycle Management. We drill down on ideas that will map to your strategy and have the greatest impact on your business.

Rapid Proofs of Concept

We cut through the red tape to move POC’s rapidly forward. We define the POC — whether operational, technological or customer-centric — and move it to full deployment, providing new ideas that solve your business challenges and opportunities. Our expertise has helped:

Accelerate POCs from 6 months to 6 weeks

Prevent unscheduled downtime by identifying sound patterns in equipment failure

Achieve 48% increase in units per transaction and an 80% increase in revenue per transaction

Increase customer satisfaction by 15% using mobile devices to more efficiently answer customer questions

Incorporate new value-added service levels to retain customers after the initial investment

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