Now Training Agile Leaders

Daugherty Agile experts have been training our clients and our own consultants for years. Now we’ve combined our expert field experience with industry-leading curriculum into a flexible offering to fit a variety of needs.

Regardless of what you choose to focus on – Scrum, Lean, Kanban, SAFe, etc. – we tailor your transformational experience to your organization’s needs. Using a “practice makes permanent” approach rather than a traditional “lecture and test,” we’ve witnessed superior results based on after-class responses. And with over 20 certified professional trainers to guide your employees to Agile mastery, finding a class that fits your schedule won’t be hard.

We approach Agile training differently

We believe Agile is a mindset, one that looks beyond processes, methods and technology to the culture of individuals and the organization. Industry results have shown teams that focus on practices and tools tend to produce declining results over time.

Whereas most certifications only equip you with one skill or framework, we cover the whole spectrum — allowing you to leverage the synergies between each and the ceremonies and events that work best for your team and organization.

Offering learning paths to 11 worldwide accredited Agile certifications

Whether you are looking for a SAFe or ICAgile certification, or to pick and choose a custom training plan tailored to you and your team’s needs, Daugherty is your partner to Agile mastery

In true Agile form, Daugherty offers learning paths to 11 worldwide accredited Agile certifications, available in modular formats – maximizing impact and minimizing risk and cost.

Our goal is to teach you the skills you need for your career, whether you come from a small business or a large enterprise. No matter your role — Business Leader, Scrum Master, Project Leader, Product Owner, Team Facilitator, Agile Coach, Architect, Developer or Tester — we provide a broad choice of accredited courses, designed to help you in your journey and transform your organization.

"Our goal is to teach you the skills you need for your career"

We partner with game changers in the Agile space

ICAgile is a community-driven organization that consists of pioneers, experts and trusted advisors who provide learning journeys that focus on transforming people’s mindsets, not processes.

SAFe helps enterprises gain competitive advantage by providing them the tools to build better software and systems.

Training from the Back of the Room is an accredited two-day train-the-trainer course that explores how the human brain really learns, with more than 240 professional trainers from more than a dozen countries.

Our course offerings are affordable and flexible in terms of scheduling, with offerings in the evening, weekend and daytime.

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