How to Drive Your Career and Deliver Greater Value by Being a Team Player

How to Drive Your Career and Deliver Greater Value by Being a Team Player

In some work environments, it’s possible you are expected to develop new skills on your own, but the time devoted to that type of learning may come at the expense of a client.

This kind of environment can be challenging to learn in and can hurt the value you deliver to clients. A career in consulting can not only drive your career but provide many learning opportunities along the way that focus on the team aspect of your career growth.

Are You Sabotaging Your Career and the Value Delivered to Clients?

Depending on your background, you may have been in organizations where you focused on only one skillset or had certain expectations, such as a time requirement at the organization before you could learn something new.

Unfortunately, neither of these models drive your career and allow you to grow. Working in a collaborative model that that integrates Software Engineers and Architects, Project Managers and information management experts to put into motion the proven processes needed for the blueprint to deliver value. This could even involve learning and adapting new systems and tools.

It’s this kind of collaborative environment — in which everyone is willing to teach and share knowledge — that truly supports career progression development. If you want to drive your career, if you want to own your destiny, this is the kind of environment you want.

But how do you know what to look for?

Four Traits to Look for in an Organization that Will Drive Your Career

  1. You feel a sense of protection. True collaboration begins when everybody feels they are indispensable and are open to sharing knowledge with each other.
  2. The organization has a flexible model. The larger the corporation, it often seems, the more specialized their processes are. You may experience silos where two departments that should collaborate don’t understand the dependencies between each other. A flexible model (i.e. a holistic view of the enterprise’s processes) — from blueprint to solution — produces a better outcome.
  3. The organization has strong leadership. The leaders at your organization should lead by example, emulating the kind of behavior they’d like to see across the enterprise.
  4. The organization has instituted quality growth measurements. A mid-year review is a good opportunity to set goals and determine areas for improvement. While employee performance is certainly a consideration, the big picture also influences how the reviews go and provide better learning opportunities for a team-oriented environment.

This is at the heart of Daugherty’s recruiting process. We’re not just looking for talented individuals; we’re looking for right fits. Our history of large-scale, successful projects is due to our taking this seriously. Not only will you have the opportunity to participate in mission-critical projects that have high visibility and are challenging and exciting, we will also support and encourage your career progression. Join Team Daugherty today.

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