Hospitality AWS Cloud Migration Case Study

Daugherty Modernizes Multinational Hospitality Company’s Revenue Management System Integrations with AWS
The Challenge

A multinational hospitality company needed to modernize the technical foundation of its Revenue Management System to meet its business needs for improved scalability, resiliency, and added flexibility to integrate with other new systems. The client wanted to move to a proven Cloud provider offering the services and security features it would need now, and in the future, and needed a strong implementation partner to lead the migration.

The Solution

Daugherty was selected as the implementation partner to migrate this client’s Revenue Management System to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and integrate with its third-party applications.

AWS Glue, used in conjunction with Aurora RDS, was employed for data transformation and standardization, ensuring data conformed to the third-party system’s requirements. AWS Lambda enabled serverless scalability. API Gateway allowed for ease of building, deploying, and maintaining API’s.

Overall, AWS provided a robust suite of services for a secure, scalable, and streamlined migration of this company’s Revenue Management System to the Cloud.

AWS Services Used

(Simple Storage Service)

API Gateway

(Simple Notification Service)

Aurora RDS
The Benefits
Cost Reduction

70% reduction in cost compared to client-hosted service.

Technology Modernization

Leveraging AWS allowed the customer to remain competitive with the hotel industry’s integration platform standards.


AWS Lambda and Glue build in flexibility and performance based on system demands without downtime.

About APN Partner and Amazon Web Services

In collaboration with our clients, Daugherty utilizes our expertise in business alignment, delivery leadership, software engineering and data analytics to craft effective business solutions.

Daugherty is an Advanced AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner. We have a proven track record in architecting and implementing solutions on AWS.

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