FinOps & Sustainability

Ongoing cloud fees are a big expense – and the increasing focus on AI promises to increase costs even more.

To succeed, organizations must create new pathways of collaboration between their finance, business and engineering teams to maximize the business value of their cloud spend and create accountability. Whether it’s better reporting to identify the source of cloud cost, architecting your applications to be more efficient with cloud resources or helping your disparate teams work together towards a common cloud cost optimization goal, Daugherty can help.

Savings in cloud spend can also support your firm’s sustainability goals. The information gleaned from FinOps can jumpstart better sustainability reporting and decision making. Daugherty can help you assess where you are and how you can achieve your goals.

Contact us for more information – you may be surprised to find out how much of your current cloud spend could be reduced or repurposed to deliver more value to your organization.

Our approach focuses on:


We help you understand where your cloud investment is going, how it aligns with your business objectives, and potential ROI impacts by leveraging cost-tracking tools, establishing budgets, and building comprehensive reporting and analytics.


We leverage the on-demand and elastic nature of the cloud, eliminating underutilized resources and implementing improvements, to reduce and improve costs.


We offer support as you sustain and scale the FinOps practice, implementing governance and feedback loops, using automation to ensure continued optimization.

Real World Examples

Young female pharmacist checking inventory of medicines in pharmacy using digital tablet

Daugherty partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to trim cloud costs by over 60% within 90 days. We analyzed usage patterns and refactored their data processing functions to reduce the size of non-production environments and mitigate overspend.

Programer sitting on desk discussing with mixed team of software developers about artificial intelligence innovation. Programmers doing teamwork looking at running machine learning algorithms.

Daugherty worked with a national Retail Pharmacy company to improve their cloud FinOps approach by identifying areas of cost-savings, increasing predictable operational cost-forecasting, and creating an effective approval process for cloud implementation projects. Early success with the identification and decommissioning of a single, unnecessary application has resulted in savings of ~$3MM.

As organizations continue to make their push to the cloud, many are finding the price tag to be higher than expected – all while IT budgets continue to face downward pressure. Whether you are pre-emptively looking at cost management during your cloud migration process, searching for methods to trim expenditures, or are seeking to focus more investment on innovation instead of infrastructure, Daugherty can help.

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