Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Innovation Starts with Celebrating Our Differences

Team Daugherty celebrates individual differences and promotes equal opportunity for all. We are proud to be working with such a great group of teammates supporting diversity and inclusion.

Ron & Jan Daugherty

Everyone ought to feel safe and welcome at work, no matter your race, gender or sexual orientation. But this is only where inclusion starts. At Daugherty, we take inclusion one step further: We don’t just want statistics that reflect diversity, we actively want to celebrate it, as we believe a diverse workforce results in better solutions to our clients.

Daugherty’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy starts with enabling our employees to discover ways of working individually or together to support a culture of inclusion and a deep sense of belonging for themselves, their teams and Daugherty.

The DEI leadership team helps various Employee Resource Groups form, they provide a platform for change which empowers Team Daugherty to discover ways of working together to support a culture of inclusion and a deep sense of belonging for all teammates. Creating channels to facilitate employee communication for efforts both internally and externally; such as volunteering, donations and other resources to support our communities enterprise-wide.



AAPI’s mission is to provide and maintain an open and inclusive support network at Daugherty for AAPI teammates, promote AAPI cultural diversity and awareness and create a place for anyone from any background to engage as allies, colleagues and friends.


Black Consultants Network

The Black Consultants Network’s mission is to support the creation of a diverse workforce, foster an inclusive culture and drive value to our clients and communities. Watch the video below to learn more.



M.I.N.D. aims to foster a safe environment for neurodiverse individuals, promoting awareness and recognition of challenges in both professional and personal settings while offering support and skill development.



The mission of Daugherty Pride is to help Daugherty to continue to be an inclusive and affirming place for LGBTQIA+ consultants to be true to their individual identities.



Unidos mission is to promote Latinx and Hispanic cultural diversity and close the gaps in representation and awareness through education and embracing diverse perspectives.


Veterans, Guard and Reserve

Our internal Veterans ERG works to provide our Veterans the recognition they deserve through the Employer Support of the Guard and National Reserve (ESGR), networking support, mentorship and transition support.


Women LEAD

Women LEAD’s mission is to bring Daugherty employees together to create community, foster inclusion and promote professional development while bringing additional value to our clients and communities.

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