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Meet Daugherty’s Dev Center

Many of our Fortune 500 clients use Daugherty as a rapid, cost-effective, lower risk and impactful alternative to off-shore and staff-augmentation. Essentially, we can get your mission-critical projects done right the first time, without any of the headaches often associated with other solutions.

As an experienced agile shop, we are highly productive from day one and capable of providing known velocity from sprint 1. Fully staffed in Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Chicago and Dallas, we have over 500 developers and architects ready and available to help you. We can even incubate your teams to help you with an agile transformation while continuing to get work done that is required.

One of our clients turned to our Dev Center after their own internal teams had a backlog of 2-3 months. By partnering with us, this financial industry giant was able to accelerate a proof of concept and create demos in weeks, getting their newest product in the hands of merchants and consumers faster.

Start with a pilot project to test drive this alternative approach and see how our Dev Center is a great, unique solution. You can also learn more about a few of our other services below, and let’s chat soon.

Application Development

Daugherty provides full lifecycle application management—from architecture strategy and planning to custom application development. Our engineers are passionate about new technologies and tools and are experts at building custom software applications that meet the complex needs of enterprise clients.

Rapid Application Design and Development

Faster implementation. Lower costs. Better results. These are the goals of any software development project. The successful delivery of a new or enhanced customized software solution requires a combination of technical and business expertise working together with superior communication ability and efficient, effective processes. Without all of these things, most development efforts cost more or deliver less value than anticipated. Combining our proprietary RPM® methodology with Agile practices, we do web, mobile and cloud development faster and with better results.

Solution Architecture and Architecture Planning

Daugherty’s Solution Architects help clients understand existing architectures, discover what they want from their information systems, and help construct a plan to get there–all while balancing short term and long term goals.

Agile Application Design & Development

Daugherty consultants are on the forefront of agile design and development. We work in sprints, with close communication being a critical component of success, and utilize emerging patterns such as responsive web design. We’re platform-agnostic and focus on scalable, reliable, robust and secure applications. You’ll get faster implementation, lower costs, and better results on all your web, mobile, cloud and customer software development projects.

Agile, DevOps, ERM Optimization and Adoption

Many organizations are deploying agile development processes on targeted teams or across the enterprise. We have experience in helping companies scale agile, helping with adoption and optimization for better success rates. We’ve even incubated an entire dev team in our office to help speed up their agile journey while they developed transformational toolsets.

Technology Selection & Integration

Many organizations do not have the bandwidth or an efficient and effective process for selecting the “best fit” technologies and vendors, resulting in redundant technology solutions, excessive cost of ownership, and limited adoption. Our work approach focuses on vendor capabilities, business and technical requirements, and weighting factors to provide a thorough implementation plan.

Want more information?

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