Delivery Leadership

Leadership is baked into all our capabilities and lines of service. Look to us as go-to leads for critical projects, programs and products.

Our Products, Tools, Techniques - Your Results

You will be equipped with an arsenal of industry-standard tools and templates, from scoping/inception and estimating models to an RDA framework and deliverables suite. We combine those with our own proprietary frameworks, like a project execution blueprint, a Daugherty Agile Delivery Checklist and a variety of unique project planning and management tools. This spells results to you, for you.

Leaders Lead

Our Delivery Leaders are trained to manage difficult situations, resolve conflict and deliver to you on budget, within scope and on time.

No Fluff, Just Useful Stuff

We help assess costs, risks and benefits in a pragmatic way. Our leaders have:

Saved one of the largest cable operators $35 million with a recurring $6 million savings per year

Run the largest project ever for the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit management organization

Optimized the fulfillment process for one of the largest home improvement retailers, yielding nearly 40% growth in online sales

Established a PMO to bring together two Fortune 500 organizations to gain competitive advantage in a $218 trillion market

Saved between 1,400 to 2,000 hours of management overhead annually for the leadership of one of the United States’ biggest food products’ organizations

PMO → APO Optimization

We help organizations move from a traditional Program Management Office to a nimble Agile Portfolio Office, which equips you to respond to business priorities as they shift, increases productivity and reduces costs as you deliver value to your customers.

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