Daugherty RPM®

RPM® is a collection of Processes, Techniques and Tools providing a rapid yet predictable approach to defining and delivering solutions.

Daugherty RPM® is the way Daugherty delivers applications “faster, better, cheaper” – especially those built with newer, net-centric, component-based technologies. It is a full SDLC lifecycle collection of roadmaps, techniques and tools. Our proprietary RPM® approach positions your key initiatives for success. Our proven techniques are effective in making sure your business expectations are effectively managed. We utilize tools and methods that can very quickly help scope, estimate and identify the business impact of key projects. RPM is adaptable to work with Agile teams and in more traditional development environments.

62% of organizations experience IT projects that fail to meet budget or schedule
25% – 40% of all spending on projects is wasted as a result of rework
60% – 80% of project failures can be attributed directly to poor requirements gathering, analysis and management
Miscommunication between business and IT contributes to a 66% project failure rate


Traditional RPM is a use-case driven approach to SDLC with a proven and powerful collection of roadmaps, techniques and tools.

RPM Lean

Combines Daugherty’s traditional RPM approach for rapid change design with custom Lean Six Sigma process diagnosis and improvement toolkit.

RPM Scrum

The bridge between traditional requirements gathering and the tools required to implement those requirements using Agile construction techniques.

RPM Agile

RPM Agile incorporates user-stories and product backlogs and then follows an agile Build & Test approach.

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