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We’re helping leading organizations make smarter decisions and work more efficiently through data. Whether you’re looking to refresh your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Roadmap, upgrade your information management foundations to include Big Data, or build advanced analytics capabilities using data science techniques, our team has you covered.

Our solutions improve day-to-day business processes and allow our clients to make proactive and informed decisions based on data. For example, we helped one of the most recognizable soft drink makers capture an additional 2% in gross margin across 100,000 retail stores. Now that’s data in action!

…we helped one of the most recognizable soft drink makers capture an additional 2% in gross margin across 100,000 retail stores.

We’ve also provided what we call a collaborative managed service to our clients, supplying an end-to-end information management life cycle. For one of our clients, we took a global approach, combining all of their data into one location, allowing them to reuse data at a much lower cost. They were spending 30+ hours pulling reports. Today, one click and 15 minutes later, they have more information than ever before. They can identify trends and make smarter decisions on data they’ve never seen before. That’s a reduction in effort of over 90% for our client.

We are especially strong in helping companies grow internal capabilities while helping them plan a transformation and build new competencies. In fact, over 40% of Daugherty’s 1,000+ consultants are focused on Information Management solutions. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you engage.

  • EIM
  • IM Solutions
  • IM Competency
  • Cloud Migration
  • Agile EIM
  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Science
Enterprise Information Management Strategy & Roadmap
Business users are increasingly adopting applications that operate outside of IT governance. IT organizations struggle to reduce the time-to-market with EIM applications using traditional SDLC approaches. This combination leads to misalignment between business and IT, creating duplication of cost and effort across the enterprise. We craft EIM strategies that provide business information accurately in a quick, safe, secure, and easily accessible manner while enforcing data standards and accountability across the organization. Our Information Management Roadmap is a rapid engagement designed to identify the critical issues, provide actionable recommendations, establish a consistent set of priorities, and launch a pragmatic action plan.
Building and Implementing IM Solutions
Our Information Management experts help our clients maximize the benefits from their business intelligence investments. We have experts in data warehousing, ETL and reporting solutions and have implemented solutions with a wide variety of tools.
IM Competency Development
Knowledge transfer and coaching plays a big part in all of our engagements. We have helped many organizations mature the skills of their internal IM teams through processes, methods, techniques and tools crafted from our years of experience.
EIM Cloud Migration
The value that cloud brings in terms of economics, decreased time to market, improved performance, on demand scalability and CapEx vs. OpEx is tremendous. We have helped our clients cut through the complexities of all cloud vendor/technology possibilities, find the right model for on-premise vs. cloud hybrid approach while making the most out of existing infrastructure and application investments in an incremental manner.
Agile EIM approach
EIM is one of the hardest types of project delivery in an agile manner. Our experienced team has developed methodologies, templates, task-level resource plans and architectural approaches to the agile delivery of EIM projects. We can help you become more agile and train your team to deliver agile EIM projects whether you employ a SAFE, RPM or XP methodology.
Big Data & Next Generation Architecture
Big Data is complex and challenging but leads to insights that organizations cannot afford to ignore. Daugherty’s experienced team helps cut through the Big Data hype to identify the potential for your business. We can assess organizational readiness, plan and execute a proof of concept and lead an implementation plan to success.
Business Analytics & Insights
High-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision-making. Our experience in predictive and prescriptive analytics can help you make the shift from Big Data to Big Information.
Data Science
Do you want to make sense of complex algorithms and statistical techniques and how they contribute to your bottom line? Our experienced team can help you perform text mining, social analytics, and many more methods. Let us share with you how we were able to achieve solid business results using data science.

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