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Daugherty Develops Media Mix Modeling Optimization Team for Large Retail Corporation

Our retail corporation client invested heavily in a third-party Media Mix Modeling (MMM) tool to assist on the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of their marketing budget. 10 months post implementation, the tool was still not producing the strategic results they were hoping to achieve or measuring the effectiveness of marketing spend, including linear TV, print, display, digital, YouTube, Pre-roll, Mid-roll and all other digital assets.

During discovery, Daugherty mapped 39 different data sources (most produced manually) and delivered a comprehensive business process along with a complete depiction of the data sources, formats and channel owners. We recommended several quick fixes to bring immediate value to allocate marketing funds while developing a more robust, long-term solution:

  • Building a data model which served as the centerpiece of the expected solution and designed to house all the data and a single source of truth.
  • Developing taxonomy rules for data needs that fit a specific standard and delivering a training process.
  • Developing a data governance plan showing how to manage the source of truth going forward.

Before Daugherty’s involvement, forecasts that were intended to advise what marketing should be done in the next quarter were accomplished in 10-12 weeks – which is too late for the data to be relevant. Daugherty’s data engineering, data governance, and process design expertise delivered real-time analytics and trusted projections that enable our retail corporation client to optimize its MMM forecasting ability.

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