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The world is producing 2.5 million terabytes of data every day. That’s a lot of noise or a lot of value — depending on how you look at it.

We make sense of it all — drawing insights that lead to better decision making, and providing on-demand information to your decision makers, allowing your company to stay ahead of the competition.

Make Your Data Valuable

Your data is a differentiator — completely unique to you. The best way to make it valuable is to turn it into actionable insights.

We help transform your investments into a valuable data asset that can be monetized internally and externally. Our unique approach begins with understanding the context of the data; then applies logical, predictive or prescriptive analytics; and culminates with insights exclusive to your organization — opportunities for you to differentiate yourself in the market. By utilizing compelling visualizations and automation practices, we democratize data analysis, putting powerful business tools in your hands, no matter your skill level, and maximizing ROI for your organization.

From Data Engineering to Deep Learning

Investing in information architecture is expensive. That is why you need real-time results and access to data at the point of business. We help transform your traditional Information Management investments into a real-time, scalable and flexible data fabric that is architected to optimize compute and storage. We have experts in data engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence to guide new solutions for our complex, hyper-connected world.

Our Data & Analytics capabilities have helped:

Support 40,000 agents by implementing AI into a centralized Virtual Agent

Build growth opportunities equating to 1/3 annual enterprise revenues with machine learning

Gain efficiencies of nearly an hour a day for more than 9,000 employees

Trim processes from over 30 hours down to 15 minutes using next-gen data architectures

Governance to Community

Data, no matter the amount, is worthless if it cannot be trusted.

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.

Tim Berners-Lee

Traditional data management approaches often do not address ongoing data quality, which requires pragmatic, community-driven governance. Our industry leading analytic governance framework helps wrangle tribal knowledge into a sustained community that breaks down data and knowledge silos. We combine these practices with self-service tools to ensure governance best practices while empowering your data users.


Our approach to a Data & Analytics roadmap is grounded on customizable multiple dimensions, designed to align with your business strategy. We ensure you invest in the right areas and approach data correctly — providing you with actionable recommendations for operating model, organization design, technology & infrastructure investments, Data & Analytics governance and data monetization.

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