Customer Engagement / Digital

Digital engagement is forcing companies to adopt omni-experience approaches, where they interact with customers in real-time and through the channel(s) their customers choose. Businesses are increasing their digital marketing budgets with more focus toward social media and mobile. We will help you get in front of this phenomenon, whether it’s by providing the necessary touchpoints or gleaning deep insights from your social analytics.

CS and UX Journey Mapping

We help clients better understand their customers, brand and competition and what the target experience for their customers should look like.

Customers expect a seamless experience

Using a cross-channel framework to evaluate your customer touchpoints, Daugherty guides the highest payback areas needed for ongoing success across all media. We quantify digital, traditional and back-office capabilities to sharpen planning and accelerate progress.

Your time, your teams

Daugherty has partnered with dozens of major retailers to tackle the challenges of implementing flexible fulfillment programs successfully, and has developed applications to engage customers by:

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