Customer Engagement / Digital

Digital engagement is forcing companies to adopt omni-channel approaches to interact with customers, who expect a seamless and unified experience.

Planning & Application Development

We help clients identify the value creation opportunities of digital engagement for their organizations and develop the strategies, processes, technologies, and applications to operationally engage audiences and customers to maximize the value.

Omni-Channel Maturity Assessment & Roadmap

Daugherty can assess the maturity of your omni-channel customer touch points and establish a cross-channel framework to drive the decisions and investments needed for ongoing success across all media while targeting highest payback areas. We quantify digital, traditional, and back office capabilities and sharpen planning to accelerate progress with the ultimate goal being to deliver a seamless, delightful, and consistent brand experience to your customer, regardless of their technological choices or point of interaction with any part of your company.

Social Analytics

We can provide tool assessments and recommendations that will help our clients better understand their customers, brand, and competition by integrating data, process, and technologies.

Flexible Fulfillment

With flexible fulfillment in place, inventory from all stores and warehouses becomes available both in-store and online. We’ve helped major retailers like Macy’s, Home Depot, and Target with some of the challenges of implementing flexible fulfillment programs.

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