Our scope starts with individual communities and capabilities, and expands across the entire globe.

Daugherty partners with organizations dedicated to many different causes, including STEAM/STEM youth program development, diversity and inclusion, and we work alongside veterans, minorities and many others. We make it a priority to know what Team Daugherty is passionate about and align with causes we think will have the greatest impact on our communities.

Daugherty is dedicated to strengthening the communities in which we live and work.

Ron Daugherty

Using Our Capabilities
to Do Good

Whether it’s bringing our consultative skills to nonprofits, or providing training opportunities, we love to strengthen our communities with the capabilities we use every day!

Making Our Communities
a Better Place

We’ve supported hundreds of nonprofits and charities with both time and money.

Paving the Way for
the Next Generation

It’s not enough to make the world a better place for the moment; we also want to keep our eyes to the future. And that’s why we’re involved in paving the way for the next generation, helping underrepresented groups learn the skills they need to succeed in Technology.

Our Stories

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