Collaborative Managed Services

Daugherty has been successfully helping leading organizations implement new collaborative managed services models for getting more work done with the same or less investment.

At Daugherty, we’re a solution provider at our core. So we understand how important it is to have the right people, with the right expertise, exactly where you need them.

That’s how our unique, consultative approach to outsourcing connects your business with the expertise it needs to move forward. Whether you utilize our DevCenter approach, need us to provide full project services at your location, or are looking to add specific expertise to your team, Daugherty has you covered, with a powerful combination of proven processes and experienced people.

We start by carefully evaluating your business challenges before developing a customized outsourcing plan. We can assume varying levels of business and technology functions, allowing you to focus on your core missions while still keeping the level of control right for your organization. We take a phased approach, set clear milestones to measure performance, and evaluate and adjust the plan before full rollout. It’s the best way to ensure that our people have the maximum impact on your organization.

Advantages of Daugherty’s Collaborative Managed Services Approach

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