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Cloud Architecture and FinOps Adoption

Daugherty Saves Large Pharmacy Retailer $80,000 in Daily Cloud Costs

Our large pharmacy retailer client has the 2nd largest Azure footprint Microsoft has in its cloud. However, during their cloud migration, FinOps was not a primary driver.

As a result, operational costs in the cloud began to rise unchecked and forecasting expenses for each month were unreliable. The pharmacy retailer was spending tens of millions of dollars on Azure per year.

Daugherty did a thorough evaluation of the environment and assisted in cleaning up both over- and under- provisioned instances. Our data scientists and cloud engineers wrote an automated virtual machine (VM) right-sizing engine based on metrics, specifically underutilized memory and CPU. We worked with senior management at the client to build a strategy for cloud architecture and usage that aligned with the organization’s budgetary and approval processes and helped with organizational change in adopting FinOps – increasing involvement of the software and data engineering teams.

Our team discovered an anomaly that cost over $500,000 in three weeks, which led to forming a SWOT team that produced $80,000 in daily savings. Daugherty’s FinOps Team includes recognized thought leaders that oversee open-source standards, best practices, curriculum and technical vision for the foremost FinOps professional groups in the world.

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