Business Solutions & Advisory

Our strategy consultants work directly with business leaders to identify core objectives and craft solutions tailored to the client’s need. We quickly prioritize where investment makes sense for the short term and long term.

Business Strategy and IT Alignment

Many organizations find challenges with translating business strategy to specific, measurable action. Daugherty’s methods and techniques have been used by some of the largest companies to plan and drive the necessary business process, technology and workforce initiatives required.

Specific Business Strategy Roadmaps

Strategy Roadmaps are powerful tools to communicate and coordinate technology and business strategies, plans and related activities. We’ve developed specific roadmaps around go-to-market strategies, closed-loop sales execution, customer segmentation and minimizing unscheduled production downtime. Examples of roadmaps include:

Our approach to innovation planning balances objective analysis with subjective discovery. We help organizations plan and manage for innovation including:

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