Business Alignment

Project Manager

Daugherty works with leaders throughout large-scale organizations to design and implement transformation across the enterprise, whether that’s being driven by a change in funding or income, new regulations, supplier changes or increased competition.

Our industry expertise helps us manage and deliver change programs that typically result in wide-ranging benefits to the business, suppliers, customers and employees.

Requirements Definition

Daugherty’s proprietary RPM® approach positions your key initiatives for success. Our proven techniques are effective in making sure your business expectations are effectively managed. We utilize tools and methods that can very quickly help scope, estimate and identify the business impact of key projects. RPM is adaptable to work with Agile teams and in more traditional development environments. Clients typically see a 30% reduction in construction and support costs and a 40% acceleration in software implementation and adoption.

Process Optimization

Efficient, consistent and scalable business processes are important, but many organizations struggle to drive process improvement. Daugherty understands what it takes to drive tangible results. We work with your people to identify opportunities for improvement and design end-to-end business processes that meet the strategic objectives of the organization.

Business Architecture

All too often the vision of the business fails to get successfully translated into actionable objectives. The misalignment of business and IT is frequently the issue. Daugherty’s RPM® Lean approach rapidly identifies and sizes opportunities to dramatically improve the process, resulting in a clear ‘going forward’ vision for improvement and alignment on taking action.

Change Planning & Management

Daugherty’s approach to Change Planning and Management clearly articulates the organizational future state and provides a foundation for immediate transformative action. Our proven methods, tools and techniques quickly establish a common vision, creating an environment in which teams can move from apprehension to acceptance and internalization of change as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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