Business Alignment

Daugherty has led clients in many industries collaboratively and strategically to ensure they are able to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes.

We have increased productivity and saved costs by:

Utilizing Daugherty’s Large-Scale Estimation tools to improve predictability, cut the planning process in half and approve budgets more quickly

Developing and implementing end-to-end Change Management Plans to jump productivity from three business units a year to 20

Identifying problem areas and improvement opportunities with Value Stream Mapping and Root Cause Analysis, resulting in a 55-65% upswing in plant efficiency

Utilizing Daugherty’s proprietary RPM® approach, leading to a 30% reduction in construction and support costs and a 40% acceleration in software implementation and adoption

Product Owner — The Key to Results

We partner to achieve results — working directly with stakeholders to ensure continuity for product vision and constantly refining the product backlog.

Advanced Backlog Planning

Daugherty’s Advance Backlog Planning and quantitative estimation techniques are complementary to Agile team-based estimating — offering a more robust discovery for large Agile projects and bridging the gap between the beginning of a project and initialization.

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