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Bespoke or Store-Bought AI
Navigating the Build vs. Buy Decision for Generative AI in Enterprises by Shanti Greene & Ben Weinert, PhD

Enterprises are feeling increased pressure to take advantage of Generative AI, but where, and how is unclear.

Should they seek improved developer efficiency, enable automation in workflows, or perhaps, generate customized marketing copy? These are all possible, but they have different requirements and carry different levels of risk.

Will subscribing to enterprise ChatGPT suffice, or will they need to fine-tune a model? What about price, is the enterprise willing to pay per inference (OpEx), or are they more comfortable owning the infrastructure and model (CapEx).

Senior data scientist Ben Weinert, and AI practice lead Shanti Greene have been helped countless firms navigate these choices. In this article they walk through key considerations of the build versus buy choice in more detail.

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