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Effective business process design & management is a key differentiator for organizations seeking to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiencies. Business transformation or even incremental improvement starts with good process design, end-to-end process management, layering in effective Organizational Change Management (OCM).

“As organizations undertake digital transformation efforts, an important realization emerges; Process Matters.” – Forrester Research


Knowing where to start is often the most challenging aspect of any initiative. Our readiness assessment applies tools, methods and experience in a focused, short-duration engagement (usually 4 – 6 weeks) to help target, scope and prioritize business processes to help ensure change is applied in the right place, at the right time, with the right resources.

We outlined strategic business objectives, tactics and initiatives, saving a national governing body from losing their Olympic position and charter. We helped them achieve a surplus of funds and recognition of their improvements.

Benefits of the Assessment
  • Rapidly identify and determine business process improvement prioritization
  • Identify gaps in readiness based on proven, industry-standard criteria
  • Clearly defined deliverables with actionable next steps
  • Deliver high-level, initial process and change management best practices
  • Determine readiness for managing change
  • Identify high-level organizational alignment and skills gaps

At Daugherty Business Solutions, we take a holistic approach to process improvement, considering all aspects from strategy alignment to process, data, roles/responsibilities and technology. We are uniquely qualified and positioned to address both the art and science of end-to-end business process design and management.

We helped a major airline fly to more exotic locations through pilot segmentation. We supported this from Inception to Execution, making radical changes to the their legacy systems for a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Targeted Process Improvement
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Better leverage new or existing technologies
  • Reduce operational risk & compliance issues
  • Realize ROI more quickly
  • Rapidly increase productivity & reduce costs
  • Enhance agility and ability to rapidly change
  • Improve employee satisfaction & reduce turnover

A key Daugherty differentiator is how we have integrated Organizational Change into our delivery model. Industry research show if organizations are 43% more effective at managing change, they will have tripled their likelihood of project success.

Nearly any improvement project, business or technology will change how work gets done:

  • Automating tasks and process steps
  • Realignment/redefinition of roles and responsibilities
  • Reorganization
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Major technology upgrades, consolidations, sun-setting legacy systems

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is absolutely critical to ensure projects are successful, change is embraced and sustainable, and ROI is realized.

One of the largest food and industrial products corporations ended up $100 million over budget and two years behind schedule. We established a standard change management plan for dozens of business units. By focusing on processes, we enabled the number of business unit implementations to triple in a year.

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