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Cloud Solutions are all about business innovation. They can significantly reduce infrastructure costs and give your developers autonomy to experiment with proof of concept rapidly under the proper guardrails.

Although this can spell significant gains in speed-to-market, savings and new revenue opportunities, it will also change how work gets done. Cloud technologies will impact your organization from data to operations to business to people to governance to platform to security.

Your Time, Your Teams

Leveraging all of Daugherty’s capabilities, we can help you determine the best path to migrate to the cloud, implement a tactical and pragmatic cloud solution, and provide 24/7 managed support systems for cloud workloads.

Cloud Capabilities
Cloud Migration Strategy

Our Rapid Process Map (RPM) proprietary tool gathers six groups of stakeholders in a workshop to quickly identity business impact and key projects.

Workload Migration and Modernization

Our experienced software architects and engineers can migrate even the most complex legacy applications to the cloud.

  • Amazon CloudFront – Daugherty’s content delivery professionals design and implement CloudFront distributions which simultaneously improve customer experience, security, operational excellence and cost efficiency.
Modern Data Platforms

From Data Governance to Data Engineering to Deep Learning we help transform your existing Information Management investments into a real-time, scalable and flexible data fabric.

A Sampling of Our Success

We help clients better understand their customers, brand and competition and what the target experience for their customers should look like.

  1. We rapidly built three Proofs of Concept to establish a cloud adoption center of excellence for one of the largest pharmacy benefits managers in the United States.
  2. Leveraging our dedicated cloud competency, we migrated the insecure EC2 instances of a leading engagement and loyalty platform company to a new “golden image,” protecting them from security breaches. We also modernized their data infrastructure to differentiate their card-linking business, saving them $500,000 annually.
  3. Our Innovation Hub used machine learning and AI in AWS to help one of the largest cable companies in the United States construct a recommendation engine that could make personalized product recommendations based on customer demographics.
  4. We integrated AWS into a customer-facing portal for a major agricultural lending firm, centralizing the key components for better customer service, and enabling the company to better serve their farmers.
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