Airline AWS Modernization Case Study

Daugherty Contributes to Major US Based Airline's AWS Cloud-Native Journey
The Challenge

Coming out of the travel reduced COVID lockdown, a major US based airline’s Crew Technology department was looking for a fresh approach as they ramped up IT staffing. Flight scheduling and recovery challenges had reinforced their opinion that existing crew planning and scheduling applications needed to be rewritten using Cloud-native principles. Based on Daugherty’s pre-lockdown leadership on the lift-and-shift aircrew scheduling system project and their enterprise future state architecture, this major US based airline engaged Daugherty to provide turnkey development teams for their Cloud-native journey.

The Solution

We brought in one of our experienced delivery leaders to cleanup and prioritize the backlog when we initiated the program. Based on that work, the first system to migrate via refactoring was the aircrew vacation scheduling system. Analysis of the existing applications using Daugherty’s “Process First” approach which starts with business rules extraction followed. The architecture for the new API services followed the patterns developed while Daugherty was leading the Crew Technology SAFe Architectural Runway team. This team had proved out the value of Domain-Driven Design, HATEOAS-based micro services, database per service, and event-driven integration. Daugherty’s UX practice helped develop a new single page application which was deployed via AWS CloudFront. This app interacted with a number of new Spring Boot-based micro services deployed on the same EKS / Aurora infrastructure stack developed for the successfully deployed crew project.

AWS Services Used

(Elastic Kubernetes Service)

Aurora PostgreSQL

(Simple Queue Service)

Event Bridge

(Simple Email Service)


(Simple Notification Service)


(Web Application Firewall)


(Simple Storage Service)

The Benefits
Reduced Lead Time for Changes

New features needed to meet union contract requirements, implement improved processes identified after scheduling challenges, and improve general user experience are being deployed in production at a faster rate.

Enhanced Reliability

Leveraged AWS multi-AZ, multi-region resiliency to improve system uptime SLOs versus deployment in a single data center.

Improved Operational Excellence

Brought infrastructure provisioning, workload deployments, monitoring, and incident response handling into alignment with enterprise standards.

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